Honoring your pet’s memory

Why Choose Cremation?

Cremation is an aftercare alternative for pets, often used in place of burial.  Cremation allows families to take the cremains home or disperse in a special area of their choosing.  Opposed to burial, cremation provides portability of the cremains, allowing families to take the cremains with them if they move.  Wichita Valley Pet Cremation understands the special place a pet holds in the lives of pet parents and we pride ourselves in ensuring your beloved pet is treated with care and respect throughout the cremation process.

Why Choose Wichita Valley Pet Cremation?

As your local pet cremation service, our family at Wichita Valley Pet Cremation is here to serve you. We seek to accommodate your needs and work with you to create unique and meaningful ways to honor your pet’s memory, in a timely manner. It is our honor to serve and support you through this difficult time with dignity and respect.

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal at Wichita Valley Pet Cremation is to honor your pet’s memory. We strive to provide a supportive and compassionate environment for you during this difficult time and to ensure the highest level of service and professionalism. We are dedicated to providing honest guidance to assist you in making the right decision for you and your beloved pet.

About Us

We are a native Texan, animal-loving family. We live on a small, eighty year old, working farm just outside of Wichita Falls, Texas, with our younger children, the oldest of our four being away at college. Free time is spent renovating this lovely, old farm, and enjoying time with our family, friends, and fur babies. Family owned and operated, this business comes naturally to us, as the love of people and their pets are already an integral part of our daily lives.

Individual or Communal?

Individual cremation is the separate cremation of your pet, with all the cremains carefully collected and returned to you. We use a positive ID tag system, which insures that your pet’s unique, stainless steel tag travels with him/her throughout the cremation process.

Communal cremation involves multiple pets without designated separate areas. This option is typically chosen when the pet owner does not wish to have the cremains returned. In order to honor your beloved pet’s memory, the communal cremains are dispersed on our farm.

Wichita Valley Pet Cremation is dedicated to ensuring that those entrusted to us are cared for with love and compassion.

Public Service Dogs

To show our gratitude for their faithful service, we are honored to offer our “Cherished” package for public service dogs who gave their lives in service to our community.